Select yes or no from menu for lettering option. If you are getting lettering done then type in the box EXACTLY what you are wanting

How many letters are you getting

Would you like block or script lettering

Please choose the size lettering

Please select the color thread you need

Select yes or no from menu for design option. If you are getting a design done then type the file number in the box from dakota collectibles

Designs: Can be done with or without lettering. Make sure you get the file number and the stitch count for your design when you click on the "embroidery designs" button. You will do a search on the external site and then click on the picture you want. From there you will get the information you need. Any design that says new is not available for purchase. Pay no attention to the prices on that external site, that is for the design disc.


Please select your stitch count below

All lettering and designs are put on the passenger side of dash cover. This is an area that has the most room. If you want your embroidery somewhere elese on the cover you can explain to us where you want the embroidery positioned and the end of your check out process in a box mad for special notes.

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