B3D5 - Medium Grey

B3C3 - Graphite

DTC3 - Granite

D3C3 - Granite

DPK5 - Cordovan Brown

DZAZ - Slate Black

DPAZ - Agate

D2C3 - Graphite

DPK9 - Dark Saddle Tan

D2K9 - Dark Saddle Tan

M9QL - Shadow Blue

M9L5 - Dark Taupe

P1B7 - Slate Blue

P1M6 - Napa Red

P1D5 - Medium Grey

P1DS - Medium Grey

P1C3 - Presidio Grey

P1F6 - Saddle Tan

P9L5 - Dark Taupe

R1C3 - Granite or Slate Grey

R1K9 - Dark Saddle Tan

R1AZ - Agate

QLL5 - Dark Taupe

TAC3 - Presidio Grey

S9C3 - Granite or Graphite

S5AZ - Agate

SXC3 - Presidio Grey

V9DV - Agate

V9QL - Shadow Blue

VLDV - Slate Black

V9L5 - Dark Taupe

V9VD - Slate Black

VLL5 - Dark Taupe


These are color codes that we have accumulated over time. We cannot gaurantee the color match exactly. We also cannot gaurantee the color codes have not been wrongfully labeled on select trucks. Please be aware of this and use your best visual judgment as possible for there is no return for wrong color ordered!


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