Choose from over 22,000 designs. You can put script or block lettering on your dash cover as well. There is just about anything for any personality.


Click button to view designs. Once you find a design you like please click on that design to enlarge it. It will then show you the stitch count, file # and size of the design. You will need the stitch count to select correct pricing. The size will let you you know if you have room for that particular design on you dash cover. Normally designs and or lettering is placed on the passenger side. This area has the most room the majority of the time, but you have the option to specify where you would like the design or lettering to go. If you see a design and it says new next to it, then we don't have that design. We can order the design for you, but you will also be charged to get the design in plus embroidery cost. You will need to phone that kind of request in.

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