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If you are looking for a superior detailing product, then look no further than We offer high end products and low end prices. Don't keep wasting your money at parts stores or other big name chains that offer the same cheap junk. We offer a wide selection of professional products that you won't find in stores. If you are a car enthusiast, and want show quality shine and protection of your pride and joy, then trust to bring you the best in auto detailing products.

Professional products at a economical price!


Ultra Shine for Rubber Vinyl Chrome and Plastic

Ultra Shine 18.9 oz can is made for the true professional. Ultra Shine is an amazing shine and color restorer for many automotive and shop applications. This premium detailing spray brings back a shiny, like-new finish when sprayed on dull or faded rubber, vinyl, paint, chrome and other surfaces.


Foamy Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner

Removing a stain from your car upholstery should be handled carefully. You never want to spread the stain across your car seat. The first step is to spray Foamy upholstery on your car upholstery and wait a few minutes. Scrub the stain with a microfiber towel or brush. Then dry the stained upholstery with a clean cloth. Repeat until the stain goes away and you no longer see discoloration on the cloth you are using.


Foam Aerosol Glass Cleaner

19 oz Aerosol Glass Cleaner can perfect for everyday use, leaves your windows streak free and clean. This unique foam glass cleaner formula is concentrated and ready to clean the dirtiest of windows. Show Car Aerosol Glass Cleaner is sold to auto dealerships and auto detailer's. Our aerosol foam glass cleaner is safe for all types of glass with amazing auto detail shop results.


4 pack of 4 oz. bottles of air fresheners

These are professional grade car scents. Use what the detailers use. This pack comes with four bottles which include the scents of new car, cinnamon, vanilla, and bubble gum. These scents are all very popular among customers and will keep your car smelling fresh to your liking.


4 pack of 4 oz. bottles of air fresheners

These are professional grade car scents. Use what the detailers use. This pack comes with four bottles which include the scents of new car, baby powder, leather, and fresh scent. These scents are all very popular among customers and will keep your car smelling fresh to your liking.


6 pack of 4 oz. bottles of air fresheners

These are professional grade car scents. Use what the detailers use. This pack comes with six bottles which include the scents of vanilla, cherry, lemon, new car, strawberry, and leather scent. These scents are all very popular among customers and will keep your car smelling fresh to your liking.


These are professional grade car scents. Use what the detailers use. This pack comes with fifteen bottles which include the scents of pina colada, vanilla, cinnamon, fresh, cherry, orange, bubble gum, honey suckle, baby powder, summer breeze, tropical, lemon, new car, strawberry, and leather scent. These scents are all very popular among customers and will keep your car smelling fresh to your liking.

15 pack of 4 oz. bottles of air fresheners


Unlike other auto shampoos offered at the retail store level our shampoo is a safe high-foaming concentrate for your car or auto. When it comes to suds, no worries, 1 or 2 ounces of our shampoo will create enough suds to cover your entire auto. Already have a auto detailing business, add our car washing shampoo to your arsenal. This shampoo is used by Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail on fleet vehicles, motorcycles, planes and boats to effectively clean by removing dirt and build up from your exterior. If you are planning to wax your vehicle, using our auto shampoo is a good first step. For cleaning jobs on new and used cars, Pink Car Shampoo will save you time while producing outstanding results.

Pink car shampoo in 16 oz.


Grape Wash and Wax Soap is a high foaming, ph balanced, super concentrated soap for vehicles. This car wash wax produces excellent foaming action clinging to the painted surface then rinses away with ease. Grape Wash and Wax Soap is the perfect for fleet vehicles because it does not streak or leave water spots, even in sunlight. Grape Wash and Wax Soap combines the cleaning strength with a unique grape fragrance

Grape wash and wax in 16 oz.


Lane’s Dry Foam, a professional carpet cleaner, removing carpet stains in seconds upon application. This dry carpet cleaner is unique because it does not need water to activate and makes cleaning carpets easy. When it comes to carpet cleaning use Lane’s Dry Foam carpet cleaner, a professional carpet cleaning product that is second to none.

Dry foam upholstery shampoo in 16 oz.


This professional auto wax is a free-flowing liquid wax that spreads and wipes off easily, leaving no powder residue. Fast Auto Wax is easy to use by hand or with an orbital buffer. If you are looking for a professional auto wax that performs better in direct sun light, this liquid wax is for you. Professional mobile auto detailers use this auto wax because it is fast and performs better in direct sunlight. If you enjoy waxing your car in the sun this auto wax will provide excellent results.

Quick wax in 16 oz.


Renewit, a professional grade auto polish, is formulated with fine polishing agents, silicones and polymers. Using the best auto polish is ideal for removing oxidation and scratches while brightening paint back to its original luster. Renewit is a thick semi-flowing auto polish that cleans polishes and brightens auto paint. Our auto polish works best in conjunction with a buffer on all colors, clear coat safe. With dark colored autos taking a beating from the sun, restore original paint color with Renewit.

Renewit high gloss polish in 16 oz.


Lane’s Carnauba Wax is a liquid paste that is easy to apply and remove either by hand or orbital buffer. A high, durable, long-lasting shine is what you can expect.

Carnauba supreme in 16 oz.


The best way to remove swirl marks on your car is to use swirl mark remover. Triple Play swirl mark remover is a state of the art wax product which combines the power of a cutting polish to remove oxidation, the protection of a car wax, and great shine of a glaze all while removing swirl marks and light scratches. Whether you are buffing swirl marks or applying Triple Play by hand you will achieve professional results. You will be amazed at your car’s finish.

Triple play in 16 oz.


Engine Dressing is a clear dressing, formulated for the engine compartment. This motor glaze is designed to cover the entire engine and give it the "new engine" look. Now, you can give your engine compartment a quick shine and whole new look.

Engine dressing in 16 oz.


Super Blue Tire Shine is a fast drying, high gloss, long lasting solvent based tire shine. Super Blue is a concentrated tire dressing that will repel water and add that extra protection to your tires.

Super blue tire gloss in 16 oz.


Lane’s Safe Wheel is a non-acidic professional strength wheel cleaner designed to clean chrome, custom, alloy and mag wheels effectively and safely. Lane’s Safe Wheel makes Cleaning chrome wheels easy. Always make sure your chrome wheels are cool and spray cleaner on the wheel, watching the dirt and grime instantly start to dissolve. To speed up the cleaning processes rub the chrome wheel lightly using a micro fiber mitt or sponge. Hosing off our professional strength chrome wheel cleaner is exciting because now, you can see the brilliant shine of your chrome wheels.

Safe wheel in 16 oz..


Use a wax pad or dry towel to apply the aluminum and chrome polish to your wheels. Be sure to apply the polish evenly to your wheel, using amble pressure, rubbing in a circular motion with smooth and consistent strokes. This is where a little old-fashioned elbow grease will do wonders for your results.

Wheel polish in 16 oz.


New car detailing kit with 16 oz. bottles of product

Introducing Lane’s New Car Care Detailing Kit. Now you can achieve professional results on your car's exterior and interior in one convenient kit. Whether your car is new or used, this kit is guaranteed to keep your vehicle in showroom condition.

This New Car Care Detailing Kit Includes:


Lane’s Car Wash Tire & Wheel Paint Prep Kit is designed to keep your wheels looking as good as your paint with the accessories needed for that showroom shine.

Lane’s Car Wash Tire & Wheel Paint Prep Kit includes:

Gold Edition

Touch-Up Shine

Bug Away

Wash & Shine

Black & White Tire Cleaner

Safe Wheel Cleaner

Super Blue Tire Gloss

Water Sprite

Scrubber Wash Pad

Magna Sponge


Car wash and tire paint prep kit with 16 oz. bottles of product


Dry Foam Carpet Cleaner

Interior Shine Vinyl Protectant

Concentrated Glass Cleaner




Water Sprite

Microfiber Scrubber Wash Pad

Microfiber Towel - 3 Pack

Magna Sponge Clay Paint Prep

Spoke Wheel Brush

Carpet and Floor Mat Scrub Brush

Whitewall Tire Brush

Wheel Polishing Kit

Tire and Trim Applicator


Bug Away

Wash & Shine Car Wash Soap

Super Cut Compound

Gold Edition Car Wax

Touch-Up Shine Detail Spray

Super Seal Paint Sealant

Black & White Tire Cleaner

Safe Wheel Chrome Cleaner

New Aluminum Wheel Cleaner

Super Blue Tire Shine

Wheel Polish


Car wash, soap water sprite, wash mitt kit with 16 oz. bottle of wash and shine

Lane’s professional car wash kit will provide that just waxed look after every wash. This kit combines three essential car wash products that will make your car or truck look its best.


Wash & Shine is the most concentrated car wash soap on the auto detailing market today. This car wash soap is self-drying and leaves no streaks. Your car will look like you spent hours waxing to get the end result, a beautiful car wash soap finish. Wash & Shine car wash soap is great for big SUVs that require a lot of extra drying after you wash. A little car wash soap goes a long way. Wash & Shine combines a heavy concentrate of soap and wax.


The Microfiber Wash Mitt provides a safe, effective way to wash your car or truck paint. The microfiber wash mitt is pure quality, which will not leave swirl marks or fine scratches in your clear coat paint. The MicroFiber Wash Mitt is used by professional auto detailers and car fanatics that pay close attention to small detail. Washing your car is the first step in the exterior detail process and using the microfiber wash mitt will make this step safe.


Water Sprite is an exclusive, proven, PVA material that gently cleans, and dries, fine finished surfaces. Water Sprite actually absorbs dirt and grime away from the surface, leaving it clean and dry. It is not affected by mildew, bacteria, or common household chemicals. It is used in place of a sponge or towel, and when wet, can be used immediately upon removal from its package. Water Sprite is 720 Sq. In. or 5 ft.