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We have the full line, from 94 - 2005 for the ABS molded dash covers, coverlay, and we have 94 - 02 Dodge Ram replacement dash board. We also sell a wide variety of custom fit seat covers for a wide range of cars and trucks. We also offer custom fit camouflage seat covers. Dash Covers Plus Depot also has you covered in the custom floor mat department. We do a number of different types of custom mats. We offer our own line, camouflage floor mats to match any dash cover or seat cover you order. We also sell Lloyd's custom floor mats, and also have another plush line of custom floor mats. Floor mats, dash covers, and seat covers to suit just about any budget. We also carry a full line of custom car covers, custom car bras and other accessories for your car and or truck! We also have the original Wheelskins steering wheel wraps to fix that damaged, or just to protect the undamaged, steering wheel. Polishes, bull bars, step sides and more!




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Here at Dash Covers Plus Depot we specialize in custom fit dash board covers that are made in polyester, velour and suede. We are the home for the original custom fit camouflage dash board cover that comes in Moss camouflage, Realtree green, Realtree grey, and Advantage Max 4! We are one of the leading distributor's of the Dodge Ram ABS molded dash board overlay and replacement dash board. We have the full line, from 94 - 2005 for the ABS molded dash covers, coverlay, and we have 94 - 02 Dodge Ram replacement dash board.

A variety of custom fit floor mats and seat covers to choose from. Dash covers plus depot manufactures and distributes economical and high quality floor mats for cars, trucks, suv's, and vans. Our custom fit floor mats are available in a variety of materials to choose from. Most of our custom fit floor mats can be embroidered, with vehicle logos, designs, names or initials as an option. All of our custom fit carpeted floor mats come standard with a driver side heel pad, giving your floor mat the extra protection it needs to last a long time to come. Whether you are looking for economical, plush, rubber, molded, protection vinyl floor mats, or diamond plate floor mats, Dash covers plus depot is the only place you need to look for custom fit floor mats.

Wheteher you are looking for floor mats for your car, truck, suv, or van. Dash covers plus depot offers, besides what we manufacture, Lloyd floor mats, Avery floor mats, Husky liners, Weathertec, Nascar floor mats, College logo floor mats, NFL floor mats, Sheepskin floor mats, and we also have the capabilities to embroider your own special designs on your carpeted floor mats including car dealership logos. Dash covers plus depot is your one stop custom fit floor mat store to order from. No one else can offer you a complete line of floor mats as Dash covers plus depot.

Whether you are looking for custom fit plush floor mats to keep your feet warm or floor mats to protect your carpet in the vehicle from water, mud, slush, or just everyday wear and tear dash covers plus depot is here to advise you on what is best for your particular needs. When you want a complete line of floor mat choices, whether you are looking for a 2 pc., 4 pc., full across mats, or even a cargo mat, Dash covers plus depot can help.

We offer a wide variety of automotive accessories and strive to carry top quality products to coincide with our top quality service. From plastic dash overlays for all sorts of vehicles, including those damaged 94-97 Dodge Rams, 98-01 Dodge Rams, 02-05 Dodge Rams, and the 06-08 Dodge Rams. We also offer the instrument clusters and the replacement dashboards for 94-01 Dodge Rams. We have wheel wraps that have that original stitched wheel look. Wood dash kits and many other products are available.


With a variety of embroidery available for dash covers, seat covers, and floor mats, the possabilities are endless. Really make your accessory your own with some custom embroidery. Over 22,000 designs to choose from.

We carry a small line of polishing products for your cars exterior. It may be a small line, but it has a big finish that you won't forget. Get yours today, and get your cars paint looking like it should.

Sun shades that pull shut and then go back on there own, now that sounds easy. It is and it works. Don't buy those cardboard pieces that fold or use cheap colored tin foil to reflect sun. Use what really works. Eclipse sun shades are the key to a cooler interior.

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94-97 Dodge Ram install video

98-01 Dodge bezel install video

98-01 Dodge Ram install video

02-05 Dodge Ram install video

New 02-05 Dodge Ram replacement


New products for 2011-2012. Cargo mats for 2011-up CX-7, along with custom seat covers and custom dash covers.


95-04 Chevrolet Cavalier Instrument Cluster Overlay

ABS plastic overlay instrument cluster for your 95-04 Chevrolet Cavalier. This will silicone over your exsisting cluster and is black only. The silicone comes with the product. All you need to do is prep your existing cluster and you are ready to make your interior look new again. Cluster is $128.99 delivered. There is tax for orders within Florida.

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Fits 2007 - 2012 Chevrolet Avalanche, Suburban and Pick up.

Fits New body style only for this particular cap. The main portion of dash is for one glove box models only. The defroster piece fits all 2007-2012 new body style Chevrolet and GMC vehicles listed above.

Starting at $101.99 + freight

Fits 2007 - 2012 GMC Yukon and Pick up.

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